Updating platform i86pc boot archive this may take a minute

02-Feb-2018 15:59

Interrupt the installation for sccheck errors (yes/no) [no]? Log file - /var/cluster/logs/install/630 Rebooting ... updating /platform/i86pc/boot_archive..may take a minute Connection to mail-store0 closed by remote host.Installation and Configuration Log file - /var/cluster/logs/install/630 Testing for "/globaldevices" on "mail-store0" ... One of the things I’ve done on my week off is get Sun Cluster working on VMware Server.There’s a few small tricks to it, but generally it hasn’t been as horrible as the first time I did it many months ago on VMware (a 4 node cluster, with panics galore - no fun). In this case I am using a relatively new AMD 64 x2, and thats perfect for this purpose.

I will try it out later, for the moment I’ll go with 3.1u4. Select 1 Then select a cluster name, in this case I’ve gone with mail-store-clus as this is to become a cluster of Sun Messaging Server 6.3 Mail Stores Next you are asked for other nodes in the cluster, in this case the only other node for me is mail-store1, so I type that in During the installation process, sccheck(1M) is run on each of the new cluster nodes.Note: there is nearly no initial config when you install Sun Cluster from the JES installer. -Add /usr/cluster/bin to your path for convenience on both hosts -run scinstall on ONE host (/usr/cluster/bin/scinstall if you did not follow the above step). If sccheck(1M) detects problems, you can either interrupt the installation process or check the log files after installation has completed. Let the cluster sort it’s stuff out (give it a couple of minutes) then run scstat to check the status of the cluster.I noticed in the most recent release of JES (and possibly some previous releases, I’ve missed a few) it asks if you want to allow Sun Cluster to be configured remotely. Interrupt the installation for sccheck errors (yes/no) [no]? Log file - /var/cluster/logs/install/630 Rebooting ... updating /platform/i86pc/boot_archive..may take a minute Connection to mail-store0 closed by remote host. Let the first node boot, and you’ll see a bunch of stuff on the console. It should look something like: -bash-3.00$ scstat ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Cluster Nodes -- Node name Status --------- ------ Cluster node: mail-store1 Online Cluster node: mail-store0 Online ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Cluster Transport Paths -- Endpoint Endpoint Status -------- -------- ------ Transport path: mail-store1:e1000g2 mail-store0:e1000g2 Path online Transport path: mail-store1:e1000g1 mail-store0:e1000g1 Path online ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Quorum Summary -- Quorum votes possible: 3 Quorum votes needed: 2 Quorum votes present: 3 -- Quorum Votes by Node -- Node Name Present Possible Status --------- ------- -------- ------ Node votes: mail-store1 1 1 Online Node votes: mail-store0 1 1 Online -- Quorum Votes by Device -- Device Name Present Possible Status ----------- ------- -------- ------ Device votes: /dev/did/rdsk/d2s2 1 1 Online ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Device Group Servers -- Device Group Primary Secondary ------------ ------- --------- -- Device Group Status -- Device Group Status ------------ ------ -- Multi-owner Device Groups -- Device Group Online Status ------------ ------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- IPMP Groups -- Node Name Group Status Adapter Status --------- ----- ------ ------- ------ IPMP Group: mail-store1 sc_ipmp0 Online e1000g0 Online IPMP Group: mail-store0 sc_ipmp0 Online e1000g0 Online ------------------------------------------------------------------ (at boot it might be “waiting” for quite some time) In some cases you can disconnect and reconnect the adapter in VMware.When it asks you about networking, you want to configure additional host based networks.

updating platform i86pc boot archive this may take a minute-68

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The scheme I have used is: . 1.0/ NOTE: What subnets you specify here isn’t that relevant as your host will never talk on these networks, the host to host cluster interconnects will use the interfaces, and will likely use different subnets.It’s worth noting Sun Cluster 3.2 is out and has been for a while, but I’m not sure how much stuff is certified against it.