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09-Sep-2017 23:37

You won't lose any information from your browser if you choose this version.It'll simply update it and allow Java to run until early 2018, at least.This hostname should not include the protocol (e.g., Then, within the body, you must include an event attribute to trigger a session start. This DOM element must have one or more child inputs with defined names.In most cases, this will be an onclick event attribute on an anchor or button element. If unnecessary elements are within the form, they will be ignored by the server.You don't necessarily need to update your java when prompted to do so.Before contacting us for support, you must demonstrate what you've tried first.

One of five different displays is shown: Note: The Java applet requires Java 5 .

With this event, call the BG.start method, using the arguments to start the session with session key submission, representative selection, or issue submission. Examples Several common examples are listed below, though more are possible. In either case, the accepted properties or input names are: Full Client or Collaborative Browser Sharing Functionality Starting a full client session or a collaborative browser sharing session using the API methods above opens a dialog box in the customer's browser, determines the optimal download method for this client, and initiates the download.