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There they arrived at a cape; they sailed along the land and had it on their starboard side.It was an open harbourless shore with long sandy beaches With the above in mind there appear to be a number of ways that the location of Helluland might be approached, starting with succinct directions provided Nicholas, Abbot of Thingeyre as quoted by Joseph Fischer (North America.Then they sailed with a north wind for two days, when land lay ahead of them, with a great forest and many wild animals.Off the land to the south-east lay an island, where they found a bear, so called it Bjarney, Bear Island.They had that same ship in which Thorbjorn had come to Greenland.Most of the crew were They found there many flat slabs of stones that were so big that two men could easily stretch out on them sole to sole. eighteen feet) across.] There were many white foxes there.They gave the land a name, and called it Helluland.

They played draughts, told stories, and occupied themselves with other activities to pass the time.

This again may be explained by naturally predominant concerns with the eastern side of North America, especially where bears are concerned.

Then there is also the fact that there are two references to Bear Islands - islands that apparently bracket Helluland, the first referenced in the plural and the second in the singular.

Thorhall was a huge, swarthy man who looked like an ogre; he was getting on in years, was bad-tempered and of few words, taciturn and cunning but nevertheless abusive in speech and always inciting [H : Eirik] to that which was evil.

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He had cared little about the Christian religion since it had come to Greenland.

Whether the Eastern Settlement lies in the Ungava Bay region or much further south remains debatable, as, no doubt, does a presumed location for a Middle Settlement somewhere in the Central Arctic (perhaps around Cambridge Bay).

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