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One way the comics writers explained this discrepancy was to present the characters as "real" cartoon characters who are employed by Disney as actors.

This understanding of the characters leading separate lives was welcomed by Walt Disney who, when asked whether or not Mickey and Minnie were married, replied that the mice were indeed married in their "private li[ves]", but that they sometimes appear as boyfriend/girlfriend for "screen purposes." Also, in the World War II propaganda film The New Spirit (1942), Donald Duck fills out his income tax and lists his occupation as "actor," and the film The Three Muskateers (2004) includes a DVD bonus feature of the characters reminiscing on their experience filming the movie.

(Duckburg is Entenhausen in German) The Egmont tradition extends to the German Disney comics of Ehapa, although the German comics have mentioned possible equivalents of Mouseton as neighboring towns or villages: Mausdorf (German for "mouse village") and Mäuslingen (German equivalent to "Mouseville").

In Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil and Scandinavia, local tradition has it that Mickey's hometown is simply a different district of Duckburg.

According to traditional continuity, both cities are located in the fictional U. state of Calisota – analogous to Northern California.

In Plane Crazy (1929), the first produced Mickey Mouse story, Mickey is seen at a farm.In the TV series Goof Troop (1992–1993) Goofy and Pete live in the fictional town of Spoonerville in Ohio.The town also appears in the 1993 videogame of the same name and in the two films based on the series: A Goofy Movie (1995) and An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000).Mouseton's location in Calisota and its positioning with regard to Duckburg (the cities being next to one another) were the subject of speculation early on, but have generally been treated consistently in American publications from 2003 onward.

In Disney comics published by Egmont (Scandinavia) and Abril (Brazil), Mickey lives in Duckburg—even though Mickey and Donald only rarely team up in shared comics adventures.

But the first consistent name for Mickey's city came in 1950s Italy, where it was called Topolinia (from Topolino or 'little mouse,' Mickey's Italian name). launched the new American comic Mickey Mouse Adventures and initially planned to use the name Mouseville there.

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