Expiration dating of repackaged medications

17-Jun-2018 22:32

(5) Additional equipment and supplies necessary to enable the pharmacy to properly prepare and dispense prescriptions consistent with its scope of practice.

A pharmacy may make use of a computerized recordkeeping system for keeping track of telephone prescriptions, refills, counseling, and the like in accordance with § 27.202 (relating to computerized recordkeeping systems). (4) Federal and Commonwealth statutes and regulations pertaining to the practice of pharmacy.

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(vi) Lists the therapeutic usage and dosages of medications dispensed by the pharmacy.

The original prescription or image of the original prescription shall be retained for 2 years from the date of the most recent filling.

(2) Prescription files for keeping prescriptions of nonproprietary drugs in accordance with the act and, for controlled substance prescriptions, State and Federal laws and regulations.

The protocol shall specify each duty which the pharmacy technician may perform.

(4) The pharmacist manager shall create and maintain a written protocol for each pharmacy technician employed in the pharmacy. (v) Lists the therapeutic equivalents for medications.