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On what grounds can associations file law-suits in terms of German Handicapped- Equality Laws?

Under which conditions is it advisable to submit a complaint on the international level?

Even though the German General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) from 2006 provides a partly strong legal ruling, concerning the rights of affected individuals against discrimination, there are still substantial deficits in exercising these rights.

Particularly, discriminated persons often have difficulties in enforcing an effective legal protection against discrimination and in applying their right to non-discrimination in and out of court.

The Online Handbook was created in the context of the project "Non-discrimination: Competencies for Associations".

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs funded the project.

Due, to lack of conscience and know-how only few associations take the measure available in the justice system.

On the other hand they themselves can file a lawsuit under certain conditions and by utilizing strategical processes and creating precedence cases can achieve advancements of great impact.

Furthermore they can access educational material of past seminars and workshops. This means that it equally involves the protection from racist discrimination as well as from discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual identity and orientation, age, religion and belief or disability.