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He tries to ride a bicycle across a rope stretched from the roof of the building to a telephone pole to show he is better than Clark.Clark and the rest of the staff watch as Dwight tries to do it and ends up almost falling over and hanging from the handlebars.Clark is later seen making coffee in the kitchen and warding off Darryl who is begging him to teach him Powerpoint.Clark tells Darryl to use the tutorial however Darryl insists that Clark is his tutorial.Philip believes that talkback radio feels like 'heaven' to a curious bloke like him.He is a warm and friendly guy, but he’s not afraid to ask tough questions. Clark Green is a character who works as the new Customer Service Representative for the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin as of Season 9. People begin to call him the "New Dwight" or "Dwight Jr.".

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Creed later calls Clark "A Dwight Impersonator" (New Guys).

After several years working in commercial radio, Philip returned to the ABC as a regular voice on various ABC Radio stations.