Catholic prayer for chastity in dating

12-Feb-2018 10:05

This being the present danger we would like to offer a spiritual strategy that we can use; a plan applicable for parents, teens, and even children so that we can avoid the ever-present danger of the attacks against purity, and if we have fallen, to gently and confidently return to the Lord, through the intercession of Mary, with all our hearts.. Jesus reminded the Apostles as well as the whole world in the Garden of Gethsemane with these precise words: “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Once again maxims are at our beck and call: “Idleness(laziness) is the workshop of the devil.” The great saint and educator and patron of youth, Saint John Bosco experienced a mortal fear when vacations arrived for his young people.Pray that you will not enter in the test.”(Mt -41) Instead of praying the Apostles fell asleep and thereby failed the Lord. We are called to be like eagles to fly high into the lofty heights, but we need two spiritual wings to fly on high—Prayer and Pennance! He called vacations the harvest ground of the devil. The reason was clear—summer months free and nothing to do!James 3—the sins of the tongue) But this is especially pertinent with respect to purity.Never should it happen that issues from our lips dirty words, suggestive language and worse yet coarse, crude and impure jokes.Worst of all, above and beyond the fall into any sin, is that of despair.The gravest fault of Judas was not his betrayal of Jesus, but his despair and failing to trust in the infinite mercy of Jesus.Let us be honest and to the point—we live in a society of dangerous and often pernicious images. Almost 100 years ago Our Lady appeared in Fatima to three innocent Shepherd children—Blessed Jacinta, Blessed Francisco and their cousin Lucia de los Santos.

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Jesus invites us with these words: “Ask and you will receive… Saint James admonishes us: “We should be slow to speak and quick to listen.” (Read St.

Jesus warns us that we will be judged on all of the words that issue from our mouths. A noteworthy Biblical passage that can be of enormous advantage to us is the temptation, allurement and fall of the Holy King David.