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List of characters (arranged in alphabetical order) who do not have enough known information for them to have a separate page.

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The babies appear to be a butterfly, a tooth kid, Suzy, an unknown baby with bonnet, a yellow baby, a clam kid, a milk bottle, another clam kid, a plant, a pizza baby, a square baby, a yogurt cup, an egg nest, and a block kid.

"The Responsible," "The Prank," "The Gi,"The Secret," "The Curse," "The Knights," "The Flakers," "The Authority," "The Hero," "The Tag," "The Internet," "The World," "The Kids," "The Coach," "The Password," "The Procrastinators," "The Burden," "The Mirror," "The Man," "The Lie," "The Countdown," "The Nobody," "The Downer," "The Money," "The Crew," "The Signature," "The Origins," "The Signal," "The Misunderstandings,"The Detective," "The Copycats," "The Outside," "The Diet," "The Uncle," "The Singing," "The Deal," "The Puppets" "The Responsible," "The Third," "The Secret," "The Game," "The World," "The Name," "The Uploads," "The Downer," "The Detective," "The Disaster," "The Potato," "The Matchmaker," "The Ollie," "The Weirdo," "The Best" The rat was originally a male, but it was changed to a female in "The World." The two characters also had their first speaking roles in the same episode.

The cute creature holds tightly onto his leg as he ferries bamboo around the enclosure and every time he tries to rid himself of the animal it comes hurrying back for more.

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Other than their appearances in the Kebab Fighter games, they can also be seen on a sign in "The Responsible." He is found in the attic by Darwin.

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The man even has to walk around the pen with the panda attached to his foot.

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Attempts to place the animal higher up and further away fail too as the determined mammal finds a way each time to navigate a route down and back to the object of his affections.

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