Base table information for updating or refreshing

02-May-2018 06:29

NOTE: For macros that help manage the source data, go to the pivot table source data macros page.

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I can never be sure that a problem occurs because I made an error by myself which is a driving force when working with a mature language and API (simply try harder until you got it going as advertised). But when I try to make macro special for sharing to other people than I hope they can be used by other people without changing any thing.For missing source data, steps to try to recreate it.Change options, to save source data with pivot table file.This example is not made for you but more a possible solution in the link in this but maybe it can help you.

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Sub refreshform(o Event as object)' I did bound this to "item status changed"' Operations.htmldim o Listboxdim o Formmodel,o Formcontrol,o Form Operationsdim b Is Record Inserted dim o Currentdateo Listbox=o Event.source.modelif o Listbox.parent.implementationname="forms.

with Action 'Refresh Form' then the table updates OK.